Hello everyone and welcome to another why you should adopt serverless computing special! There are some wonderful free or open source tools you can use to improve the security of your serverless projects. Let's explore some of them in this post.

1. Linters

Linters help improve your code by finding common coding flaws. You would typically run them when you create a pull request, create a build, or in your CI/CD.

2. Dependency checkers

Your project might use dependencies, libraries, or packages. Some of these packages might be out-of-date, deprecated, or have known vulnerabilities. A dependency checker can help you find packages that need updating and create pull requests to update them automatically.

3. AWS IAM Roles

If you are using Amazon Web Services, your projects has IAM roles for your serverless functions. The Serverless Framework automatically creates one IAM role for all the functions in your configuration file. Each function should have its own IAM role to enable the Principle of Least Privilege.

4. Error Monitoring and Alerting

Your functions may throw an error, but you may not know about it unless you manually monitor the logs or you setup an alerting system.

5. Termination Protection

When you deploy a new AWS CloudFormation stack to production, you might want to enable termination protection to avoid accidentally deleting your stack.


You can improve the security of your serverless project by taking advantage of free or open source solutions that are already out there.

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