Secjuice is the only non-profit, independent and volunteer led publication in the information security space. We are a private members writing club focused on cybersecurity, information security, network security, social engineering and open source intelligence (OSINT).

We believe that our value as professionals lies in our ability to share our research and knowledge with others through the written word. We mentor hackers, help them prepare their research, polish their articles and translate their skills into commercial writing experience and freelance writing opportunities. Our members feel a strong sense of civic duty, it's what drives us to spread our knowledge and experiences with our community. Defending the interests of those who hack is within our remit.

Our Founder is Guise Bule, find him on Twitter using @Guise Bule

Our Editor-in-Chief is Stuart Peck, find him on Twitter using @CyberSecStu.

Our leadership team consists of Paul Dannewitz, Miguel Calles, Jamie Collier, Arif Kahn, Andrea Menin, Alessandro Innocenzi and Abartan Dhakal.

We pay homage to the infosec space and we are proud to be an independent voice in our industry. We don't do advertising, we don't do sponsors and we definitely don't do podcasts. Secjuice delivers the written word and helps aspiring writers find their voice.