In a cybersecurity market where most browser isolation vendors will not even talk to you unless you have more than 1000 users and most remote browser solutions are too expensive for the small businesses to consider, it can be tough to find an affordable remote browser solution. In this directory of remote browser isolation vendors, only one of them provides a service to individuals.

This is why WEBGAP is special, they are focused on the many rather than the few.

WEBGAP is a remote browser isolation vendor and the developer of the WEBGAP browser isolation engine, designed to support large scale remote browser clouds of one million+ simultaneous users in a cost effective and efficient way.

According to this article they recently launched the most cost effective remote browser service on the planet, fully hosted and managed for just $5 per user, per month. You can sign up on their website and start protecting yourself today.

Learning Center : What Are Remote Browsers?

If you are a small business who is currently suffering from a cyber attack you can qualify for up to 12 months free service. A tech blog covered the offer in this article, I also saw a press release and a tweet from WEBGAP confirming the offer.

Tweet courtesy of webgap.

WEBGAP is focused on helping small businesses secure themselves from web based cybersecurity threats and this offer is fantastic for any business who thinks they may be the victim of a cyber attack. If you have ever been infected by malware, adware, ransomware or any sort of virus you picked up from the internet call them and see if you can get some free remote browser service from them.

The video below is a short and simple introduction to WEBGAP remote browser isolation cybersecurity, their technology, model and approach to the market.

Our Feedback & Review

If you are a consumer, individual or professional user looking for a remote browser solution, then WEBGAP is as good as it gets right now. I am pleased to report that the whole team here at Secjuice use a WEBGAP remote browser and the feedback from everyone has been very positive, we are very pleased with the user experience.

Our team of six editors and a number of our writers use WEBGAP regularly to browse potentially shady websites, check suspicious URL's and avoid tracking when they surf the internet conducting research for their articles. They all seem to be happy with their remote browsers and other than a few complaints about malware ridden phishing websites not opening properly, the reports coming back are good.

WEBGAP remote browsers get a thumbs up from us! Sign up here and tell them that you are a Secjuice reader in order to qualify for three months free service!

For transparency purposes, we have not been paid to write this article, but the co-founder of webgap is also the founder of Secjuice and he gave everyone accounts.

The awesome image used in this article is called "Happy Browser" and it was created by Nate Luetkehans.