Become King Of The Hill

Hack with your friends and become King Of The Hill on TryHackMe.

Become King Of The Hill

TryHackMe has released a new cyber game that focuses on competitive hacking with your friends: King of the Hill. King of the Hill (KOTH) is a competitive hacking game, where you play against 6 other hackers to compromise a machine and then patch its vulnerabilities to stop other players from also gaining access.

The longer you maintain your access, the more points you get.

Users can enter the lobby and make their own private games, or join public games.

Different options to join/create a game

Once a user has created a game and invited their friends, they are assigned a machine to hack from a pool of available machines. Each machine will have multiple vulnerabilities that will keep things interesting. Users can view other participants in the game and have their scoreboards updated real time to reflect the overall situation of the game

Bigger groups of participants can share this same scoreboard with their friends to keep everyone involved in the action!

You can even keep track of all the games you've played to check if your skills are improving

New pools of machines will be released every month to keep users on their feet.

The best part of King of the Hill is that you can combine both your red and blue team skills to have a great time with your group of friends!

Do you have what it takes to be King? Find out here!

The awesome image used in this article is called King Of The Hill and it was created by Daniel Mackey.