Secjuice is a seventy strong group of infosec and cybersec writers, some of whom are available to write for you on a freelance basis. We are an infosec writers guild focused on cybersecurity, information security, network security, social engineering and OSINT.

Some of our members are available to write for you on a freelance basis. If you are looking for a freelance infosec or cybersecurity writer who can create content for your organization on a freelance basis then you have come to the right place.

The Secjuice writers club can introduce you to different writers who already write about a wide range of cybersecurity related topics and who are able to help you write blog posts, articles, white papers, marketing and website copy, as well as anything else you need writing. Experienced Secjuice writers consistently deliver:

Original content handcrafted by people who love to write.
Editing and proofreading from our editorial team.
Access to the largest group of infosec writers in our space.

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When you hire a Secjuice infosec writer you will have full rights to do whatever you like with your newly written content, including publish it on your own website. Please note that we do not publish paid content on the website.

Our writers typically charge between $100-$500 per 1000 words and this varies depending on the writer, their expertise and the subject of the article. Because Secjuice is a non-profit organization, we do not involve ourselves in any financial transactions, we post your brief on our internal forum and writers will respond to your personally.

Our writers club contains students, authors, bloggers, analysts, black / gray / white hat hackers and veteran industry professionals, an eclectic mix of writers.

Contact our editorial team using to meet some of them.
Alternatively, you can reach out to our Editor-in-Chief Mars Groves.