Infosec Writers Challenge

Welcome to the Triple Ten, an infosec writers challenge open to anyone who likes to write about cyber or information security.

Infosec Writers Challenge

Welcome to the Secjuice Triple Ten, an infosec writers challenge open to those who write about cybersecurity or information security in some way. The Triple Ten Infosec Writers Challenge coin will be awarded to any writer who completes the challenge, the winner's names listed (immortalized) in the Secjuice Hall Of Fame.

The Triple Ten Writers challenge was created to support and recognize the efforts of the security researchers, hackers, journalists and infosec professionals who share their knowledge and publish their research for others to learn from. The Triple Ten is an open challenge, open to anyone who wants to enter, but intended for those who want to write about information security, cybersecurity, hacking or OSINT.

The Triple Ten is intended to be a difficult challenge, although you have ten months to complete it. An average of one article a month is a fantastic stretch goal for any new and aspiring writer who wants to make their mark in our industry.

The Triple Ten Infosec Writers Challenge

In order to complete the Triple Ten Challenge, you must successfully, and verifiably, complete the following three milestones without exception.

  1. Publish ten articles on the subject of cyber or information security.
  2. Those ten articles must consist of no less than ten thousand words.
  3. Those ten articles must have been published within the last ten months.

If you believe that you have completed the challenge please get in touch with a member of the Secjuice leadership team so that we can verify your claim, award you the Triple Ten Challenge Coin, and add your name to our Hall of Fame.

The challenge is open to writers who have previously never written for Secjuice and we will count articles published outside of Secjuice, providing that at least one of the articles included in your challenge total was published at Secjuice.

The Infosec Writers Challenge was created by Guise Bule with support from Cybrary, a fast-growing community of information security people, companies and training working together to deliver mentor-led cyber security education.

Triple Ten Challenge Coin designed by MARTIN.

Terms & Conditions

In order to enter the Infosec Writers Challenge you must already work in the information security space in some way (hacker, researcher, professional, journalist) or in some capacity. At least one of your ten challenge articles must have been published by Secjuice in order to complete the challenge, we will accept articles published by third parties to make up the remainder. All articles must have been written within the last 10 months and must have been published under your own name. If your articles were published outside of Secjuice, we must be able to validate the publication date and that you are the author as per the terms of the challenge.

How To Enter

To enter the challenge send an email to [email protected] with TRIPLE TEN in the subject, your email should contains ten URL links to your ten individual articles so that our team can validate your challenge claim and award you the challenge coin.

Good luck!