Secjuice is a private members club focused on supporting emerging writers and helping security researchers publish their work alongside the work of their peers. As writers, we believe that our value lies in our ability to share our experiences, research and knowledge with others through our writing. We believe that our research and writing should never be monetized, we believe that our community should never be monetized and so we created Secjuice for ourselves.

If you are a security researcher with knowledge to share, a story to tell or wisdom to impart, then please get in touch with us. We promote our writers, share their work and raise their profiles on social media to build their professional network over time.

Secjuice is a a publication that will tell your story.

If you speak English as a second language we can help you prepare your article for publication, editing it for spelling, punctuation, grammar and flow. We run an invitation only slack group where you can get advice from the rest of our writing team, get your work peer reviewed, make new friends and find inspiration for your next article.

There are small amounts of money to be made for those who want to write.

We are frequently approached by organizations who want to hire freelance writers and we work to connect our writers with those opportunities, enabling them to earn a small income from their passion and gain professional and commercial writing experience.

If you are a new or emerging writer, come and write with us and even if you aren't, we are always looking for experienced writers who can help mentor our new writers and foreign language speakers. Come and mentor hacker scribes!

Email for a conversation with us about becoming a secjuice writer, or joining our eclectic team of volunteers and helping us with our work.



SECJUICE writers collective, covering #osint, #infosec and #cybersecurity. Join our writing team by emailing and introducing yourself. More articles by Secjuice