NumSpy: How To Find The Details of Any Mobile Number in India

Learn how to find the details of any mobile phone number in India when conducting an OSINT operation, in the latest article by security researcher Sameer Bhatt.

NumSpy: How To Find The Details of Any Mobile Number in India


What is Numspy?
Numspy is a python project by which any user can able to send sms to another mobile number for free and also can able to find details of any mobile number in india. It's an OSINT tool which locates basic details for you about any indian mobile number if its available on the internet.

There are two Different phases available of Numspy:

  1. Numspy Python Module.
  2. Numspy Public API.

1. Numspy Python Module

An easy to use python module which is developed using python 3.6 and have features like sending sms to another mobile number in an instant, also you can set a scheduled message by providing date and time and there is one feature available which is used to find the details of any mobile number in india.

To send messages, Numspy uses an available web platform called Way2sms which allows their users to send 100 messages per day to any mobile number in india. So, in order to use Numspy python module into your python code or project you need a Way2sms account.

For More Details Visit:
Website Link of Numspy:
Github Repo :
Project Link :

1.1 Installation:
Setup Requirements:
1. python3
2. Open up your terminal and type

pip install numspy 
  1. Open Up your IDE and type:
  #!/usr/bin/env python3
  from numspy import Way2sms
  w2s = Way2sms()
  #login with Way2sms credentials
  #send sms

  #find details you can use this function even without any way2sms account.
  #logout from Way2sms

For more details of how to use this module
check github repo:

Feel free to contribute :)

2. Numspy Public API

Apart from python module there is also an Numspy API available by which you can get details in format of JSON output.

This API was developed using flask and python which takes a GET request from user and provides a JSON output which makes it easy to use in any other project you may have.

Numspy Public API Link:

For more details how to use this API,
Check github:

Feel Free to contribute :)

Sameer Bhatt