Let it never be said that the information security space does not have a poetic side, this Valentines day we saw an outpouring of romantic prose and your special reporter here at Secjuice was on the scene to witness it. Having never before experienced the poetry of infosec, it was a deeply touching moment and one that I shall never forget.

Roses are red, Violets are blue..

Ignoring that fact that violets are not actually blue, the first couple of lines of this historic poem correspond with the way the the infosec space labels its offensive (red) and defensive (blue) teams, I think it is for this reason that the vast majority of the poems below riff on this theme, it is one that is familiar and comfortable to us.

The only other conceivable explanation for everyone riffing off the same original poem is that we are unimaginative and lazy bunch, but that cannot be true.

Collecting The Poetry Of Infosec

Over the space of 24 hours on Valentines day I stayed awake to record the phenomenon of the infosec space becoming poetic and capture the most beautiful moments of that day so that they could be preserved for future generations.

You will be shocked and surprised to learn that not everyone was enthusiastic about the poetry we witnessed that day, with some commentators declaring that anyone reciting these poems outside of Valentines day was a criminal! This was enough to drive the infosec poets underground, where they polish their prose in preparation for next Valentines day when their infosec poetry once again becomes lawful.

The Poets Of Infosec

Let it be known that the following people are now published poets, their words immortalized and preserved in this article for the next generation to cherish and learn from.


Despite the moving beauty of the day, we here at Secjuice agree with Chris that it is unlawful to tweet red/blue infosec poetry until next year. You have been warned.

The image used to head this article is called "Valentines Day" and it was created by Naomi Nguyen.