SARCON: SECARMY Conference 2020

Secjuice has officially become a community partner of SARCON 2020, a community-based information security virtual conference.

SARCON: SECARMY Conference 2020

Secjuice is an official community partner of SARCON 2020. SARCON is a virtual conference hosted by SECARMY. The conference is scheduled for April 24th through 26th, 2020. On the 24th, there is a capture the flag events, and the subsequent days are a virtual conference. The virtual conference includes speakers from renowned companies HackerOne, BugCrowd, and Palo Alto. We are proud to partner with SECARMY to highlight their conference.

SECARMY is a community in India focused on information security. They donate time to provide learning in all infosec domains. They achieve this through hosting CTFs, writing, podcasts, and events (like SARCON). SECARMY is a non-profit community organized by enthusiasts, "nerds" and "geeks" who are passionate about information security.

To learn more about SARCON 2020 and sign up, please visit

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