Secjuice 2021 Writer of the Year Winner: Andy From Italy

The 2021 Secjuice Writer of the Year award goes to our Hack The Box write-up legend, the one and only–Andy From Italy!

Secjuice 2021 Writer of the Year Winner: Andy From Italy

Secjuice is pleased to congratulate the 2021 winner of our annual Secjuice Writer of the Year awards, Andy From Italy. We are very proud of this decision after casting our votes internally amongst our Secjuice writers. He is indeed the true rightful winner of this award, having delivered endless contributions to the infosec community week after week for an entire year like a machine–a true legendary Hack The Box beast!

Andy From Italy, who started out as a Developer working in IT since 1998, has a passion for hacking that does not go unnoticed! His diligence and cleverness in thinking is transparent in his Hack The Box walkthrough technical write-ups that he consistently cooks up for Secjuice (and the entire infosec world). Any budding hacker and seasoned infosec professional would learn a great deal and benefit from his contributions. We are so honored to have him on board with Secjuice as a talented hacker brimming with technical knowledge.

Additionally, we are also very proud of our excellent writer of the year nominees:
Andrea Menin, Sinwindie, Mars Groves, Shimon Braithwaite, Chad Calease, Gurkirat Singh, Alessandro Innocenzi, Tanzeel Akhtar, Stuart Peck, Jamie Collier, Secprentice (Charlie Crane), Miguel Calles, and Nihad Hassan. Their contributions to the infosec community have been equally important and worthwhile to learn from.

Unfortunately, we can only select one winner for this writing competition. However, Gurkirat Singh did come in close as a second runner-up, and Sinwindie came in third. Many of the remaining writer nominees were also voted for. Our decision to vote internally was purposefully done to avoid a popularity contest on Twitter had we held a public voting poll for our writers. In this way, we can allow all of our writers a fair chance and opportunity to become recognized, especially those who are new and/or relatively unknown in the infosec space.

We know this fight to the top was certainly not easy, but we can all unanimously agree that this writing competition was fun! After all, we are all winning when we are all learning and having fun.

As we plan to make some changes ahead for Secjuice in the new year and bring in more incredible writers to the table, we look forward to the next annual Secjuice Writer of the Year competition when everyone will have another chance to shoot their best shot.

Better luck next year!

Congratulations once again to our winner Andy From Italy! 👏👏