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Hacker Tried to Poison Florida City's Water Supply

The hacker tried to drastically increase sodium hydroxide levels in the water, Pinellas County, Florida, officials said on Monday.

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Curated by Prasanna and Tony Kelly

Iran 'hides spyware in wallpaper, restaurant and games apps'

More than 1,000 dissidents and others have been targeted by two active campaigns, researchers say.

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Curated by Tony Kelly

We uncovered a Facebook phishing campaign that tricked nearly 500,000 users in two weeks

The scam begins as a Facebook message sent by one of your friends that leads you through a chain of malicious websites.

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Curated by Tony Kelly

Critical vulnerability fixed in WordPress plugin with 800K installs

The NextGen Gallery development team has addressed two severe CSRF vulnerabilities to protect sites from potential takeover attacks.

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Curated by Andy74

New phishing attack uses Morse code to hide malicious URLs

A new targeted phishing campaign includes the novel obfuscation technique of using Morse code to hide malicious URLs in an email attachment.

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Curated by Ross Moore

Microsoft February 2021 Patch Tuesday fixes 56 flaws, 1 zero-day

Today is Microsoft's February 2021 Patch Tuesday, so please be buy your Windows administrators some snacks to keep their energy up throughout the day.

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Curated by Tony Kelly and Andy74

Android Devices Newest Target of LodaRAT Windows Malware

The LodaRAT – known for targeting Windows devices – has been discovered also targeting Android devices in a new espionage campaign.

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Curated by Andy74

HelloKitty ransomware behind CD Projekt Red cyberattack, data theft

The ransomware attack against CD Projekt Red was conducted by a ransomware group that goes by the name 'HelloKitty,' and yes, that's the name the threat actors utilize.

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Curated by Andy74

Brits arrested for SIM swapping attacks on U.S. celebs

Eight men have been arrested in England and Scotland as part of an investigation into a series of SIM swapping attacks, in which criminals illegally gained access to the phones of high-profile victims in the U.S.

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Curated by Sinwindie

Another Cyber Incident Headache: Forensic Breach Reports Can Be Discoverable

The shield of attorney-client privilege that protects breach forensics reports from becoming a liability during litigation isn't absolute. As a result, companies and their firms may have to take a much more strategic approach to how these reports are structured.

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Curated by Ross Moore

Chrome Blocks The Great Suspender, But There's Hope for Your Lost Tabs

Google has reportedly blocked the popular extension The Great Suspender and removed it from its Chrome Web Store for containing malware. But if you were one of the many users who relied on the tab manager to keep your browser running smoothly, don’t freak out just yet. You may still be able to recover your lost tabs thanks to a workaround uncovered by the extension’s community.

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Curated by Miguel Calles

A Windows Defender Vulnerability Lurked Undetected for 12 Years

Microsoft has finally patched the bug in its antivirus program after researchers spotted it last fall.

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Curated by Andy74

PayPal fixes reflected XSS vulnerability in user wallet currency converter

The currency conversion endpoint was susceptible to attacks.

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Curated by Andy74

Following Oldsmar attack, FBI warns about using TeamViewer and Windows 7

An FBI alert sent on Tuesday warns companies about the use of out-of-date Windows 7 systems, poor account passwords, and desktop sharing software TeamViewer.

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Curated by Andy74

Just 270 crypto addresses laundered $1.3 billion in dirty funds last year, research shows

Criminals are using a small group of cryptocurrency brokers and services to launder hundreds of millions of dollars of dirty virtual money, research shared with Reuters showed on Thursday.

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Curated by Sinwindie

Blocked accounts abused in Evolution CMS SQL injection attacks

Details of duo of flaws in management portal made public weeks after fix.

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Curated by Andy74

Secret Chat in Telegram Left Self-Destructing Media Files On Devices

Privacy Flaw: Secret Chat in Telegram Left Self-Destructing Media Files On Devices.

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Curated by Andy74

PSA: if you use Slack on Android, you might want to update your password

Why is changing your Slack password so hard?

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Curated by Ross Moore

Yandex suffers data breach after sysadmin sold access to user emails

Russian internet and search company Yandex announced today that one of its system administrators had enabled unauthorized access to thousands of user mailboxes.

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Curated by Ross Moore

Vulnerability in Chess.com allowed access to 50 Million user records

The vulnerability could have been exploited to access any account on the site including the Chess.com administrator account.

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Curated by Andy74

Misconfigured Docker Containers Could Land You in Trouble

Cyber adversaries have been found injecting cryptomining malware via exposed Redis instances, that give full access to all the running containers on Docker Hub, in an ongoing campaign.

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Curated by Andy74


Victims of Ziggy ransomware can recover their files for free

The Ziggy ransomware gang has shut down its operations and released the decryption keys fearing the ongoing investigation of law enforcement. Good news for the victims of the Ziggy ransomware, the ransomware operators have shut down their operations and released the victims’ decryption keys. The victims can now recover their encrypted files without needing to pay the ransom.

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Curated by Andy74

Android devices caught in Matryosh botnet

The Matryosh botnet goes after Android devices that have ADB enabled and uses them in orchestrated DDoS attacks.

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Curated by Tony Kelly

Cybercrime and Valentine’s Day: What to Look Out For

Dating app cybercrime is a threat to online daters. Uncover three main threats linked to dating app security and ways to date (online) in a secure manner.

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Curated by Ross Moore

What Is Cryptojacking? Prevention and Detection Tips

Learn how cryptocurrency, cryptomining and cryptojacking work — also included are tips to prevent and detect cryptojacking before it's too late.

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Curated by Alesanco


Shodan Pentesting Guide

Shodan is a tool for searching devices connected to the internet. Unlike search engines which help you find websites, Shodan helps you find information about desktops, servers, IoT devices, and more.

Learn more at community.turgensec.com
Curated by Tony Kelly

AWS Serverless Security using the Serverless Framework Mini-Course

Serverless security is an emerging concern within serverless computing. Serverless computing and frameworks make it easy to create serverless applications. The ease and speed of deployment could make a serverless application prone to cybersecurity risks. We should therefore pay attention to cybersecurity to avoid a data breach, an account takeover, data loss, or more.

Learn how to start securing your serverless application in this mini-course.

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Curated by Miguel Calles

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