Welcome to the 35th edition of the Secjuice Squeeze, a curated selection of interesting security articles and infosec news that you may have missed, lovingly curated for you every week. This week's volume was curated by Secjuice writers Muhammad Luqman, Devesh Chande, Prasanna, and Sinwindie.


The NSA Makes Its Powerful Cybersecurity Tool Open Source

No one's better at hacking than the NSA. And now one if its powerful tools is available to everyone for free.

Source & Link: wired.com
Curator: Muhammad Luqman

How to Enable Ransomware Protection in Windows 10

Windows Defender includes a security feature called "Ransomware Protection" that allows you to enable various protections against ransomware infections.  This feature is disabled by default in Windows 10, but with ransomware running rampant, it is important to enable this feature in order to get the most protection on your computer.

Source & Link: bleepingcomputer.com
Curator: Muhammad Luqman

Recorded Future Launches News Site to Tell the Untold Stories of Cyber Intelligence

Recorded Future, the largest security intelligence provider, today announced that it has launched The Record by Recorded Future. The cyber intelligence news site will expertly source stories from the Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform and global research analysts, and the broader cybersecurity community.

Source & Link: recordedfuture.com
Curator: Devesh Chande

Tens of suspects arrested for cashing-out Santander ATMs using software glitch

Santander says it fixed the ATM software glitch that was exploited this week across the tri-state area.

Source & Link: zdnet.com
Curator: Prasanna

US Army report says many North Korean hackers operate from abroad

US Army says many North Korean hackers are actually located outside the hermit kingdom, in countries like Belarus, China, India, Malaysia, and Russia.

Source & Link: zdnet.com
Curator: Sinwindie

Threat hunters track down Chinese hackers as they forage forums for tools

Secureworks has found evidence of Chinese state-sponsored hackers adopting and abusing publicly available tools found on Chinese hacking forums.

Source & Link: scmagazine.com
Curator: Sinwindie

Upcoming Events, Webcasts, Conferences, etc.

Predict 2020: Intelligence to Disrupt the Status Quo

When: October 5-8, 2020
Location: Virtual
Cost: Free
Source & Link: recordedfuture.com
Curator: Miguel Calles

Ai4 2020

When: September 1-2, 2020
Location: MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Cost: $595 (early registration)
Source & Link: ai4.io
Curator: Miguel Calles

Open Source Digital Forensics Conference

When: October 20-22, 2020
Location: Herndon, VA
Cost: $0-$350 + $499 optional training
Source & Link: osdfcon.org
Curator: Hartoyo Wahyu

BIG List of Virtual Cybersecurity Conferences

Source & Link: https://github.com/santosomar/virtualseccons
Curator: Guise Bule

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