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Someone Just Emptied Out a Bitcoin Wallet With $964,000,000 In It

It's not yet clear if a hacker made off with a gigantic payday, or if the wallet's secretive and long-dormant owner just came out of retirement.

Source & Link: vice.com
Curator: Prasanna

DOJ says it seized over $1 billion in bitcoin from the Silk Road drugs marketplace

More than 70,000 bitcoin generated from the Silk Road marketplace had sat dormant for seven years.

Source & Link: techcrunch.com
Curator: Sinwindie

Capcom hit by Ragnar Locker ransomware, 1TB allegedly stolen

Japanese game developer Capcom has suffered a ransomware attack where threat actors claim to have stolen 1TB of sensitive data from their corporate networks in the US, Japan, and Canada.

Source & Link: bleepingcomputer.com
Curator: Sinwindie

iOS 14.2: Apple Just Gave iPhone Users 24 Security Reasons To Update Now

Apple has just released iOS 14.2, with a hefty list of 24 security fixes, some of which are for serious issues.

Source & Link: forbes.com
Curator: Thunder-Son

Update Your iOS Devices Now — 3 Actively Exploited 0-Days Discovered

Update Your Apple iOS Devices Now — 3 Actively Exploited 0-Days Discovered by Google.

Source & Link: thehackernews.com
Curator: Manmeet Singh Bhatia

Brazil's court system under massive RansomExx ransomware attack

Brazil's Superior Court of Justice was hit by a ransomware attack on Tuesday during judgment sessions that were taking place over video conference.

Source & Link: bleepingcomputer.com
Curator: Prasanna

FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies

FBI blames intrusions on improperly configured SonarQube source code management tools.

Source & Link: zdnet.com
Curator: Sinwindie

Zoom Snooping: How Body Language Can Spill Your Password

Researchers figure out how to read what people are typing during a Zoom call using shoulder movements.

Source & Link: threatpost.com
Curator: Manmeet Singh Bhatia

Hackers Can Grab Passwords By Watching Your Shoulders Move On Zoom

Hacking threats often come from unexpected directions; this latest attack method is a case in point.

Source & Link: forbes.com
Curator: Sinwindie

U.S. Cyber Command Expands Operations to Hunt Hackers From Russia, Iran and China

Building on a 2018 effort, Cyber Command sent teams to Europe, the Middle East and Asia to learn more about how adversaries could threaten the election this year.

Source & Link: nytimes.com
Curator: Sinwindie

New Gitpaste-12 Botnet Exploits 12 Known Vulnerabilities

Researchers discover a new worm and botnet dubbed Gitpaste-12 for its ability to spread via GitHub and Pastebin.

Source & Link: darkreading.com
Curator: Muhammad Luqman

Upcoming Events, Webcasts, Conferences, etc.

BIG List of Virtual Cybersecurity Conferences

Source & Link: https://github.com/santosomar/virtualseccons
Curator: Guise Bule

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