Single? Trying to find love online? On a dating site? Well, I have some bad news for you. Like a crazy stalker, I can find you and track you to within a mile of your location using your Tinder profile.

Geolocation is how dating apps and dating sites inherently work. You don't want to go through a million profiles to find the ones nearest to you, so they do the work for you by matching profiles to location preferences. This can be exploited to track you and find out other pieces of personal information you may not want everyone to know.

Secjuice's founder InfosecScribe found out the hard way that it's never wise to challenge someone who tracks people for a living to find you.

Tools necessary:

  1. Chrome Browser (I have found chrome works the best for this)
  2. Install the "Manual Geolocation" extension
  3. Set up a Tinder profile (or any other dating site)
  4. Patience
Manual Geolocation Manual Geolocation

Now set your location to wherever you want to search. You can zoom in farther to set specific streets or buildings.

I asked InfosecScribe to set up a profile and randomly set his geolocation to somewhere in Europe and give me just a couple hints. His hints were; the ocean, and a fishing village and this is where social engineering and scraping would typically come in handy.

In your profile you have the ability to limit the distance in which you are searching for a date. The max is typically 100 miles and the minimum is 1 mile. To start I set mine at 100 miles because I did not know what country he had set his profile in. You will likely have a better idea of where your target would be and can limit that at the start.


Next you need to set your profile up to match your targets age range and what you believe they would like in a potential match. InfosecScribe informed me that she wasn't exactly his type, but he still swiped right and got caught in my net.

Beach Babe

After you get everything set up you need to clear your browsing history and cookies. Most of the time it will work without this but I have had the location default back to my real location or not update once we move spots. You may have to do this a couple times throughout the process.

Now is when patience comes into play. You are going to systematically triangulate your targets location. This took me almost two hours to do but I had a pretty large area to cover.

Now you search through potential dates until you find your target which depending on population and age range could take a while.

Nope, no, negative, nope... BINGO!

Found Him!

Once you find your target you look at how many miles away they are and then decide to go right or left that many miles (in my case 36) and then shrink your miles to 30 or so. If you do not find your target move to the other side of where you were and see if you find them there. Look at the miles away and keep doing this until you shrink the distance down to a mile of their location.

Then add a fun note and super-like them, which will promptly get (as I did) a string of profanity followed by a "Sweet jesus how did you find me?"

Found Him!

Hopefully this will make those of you who are OPSEC minded rethink your dating methods. There are all sorts of ways you can be tracked online, stay tuned for my next article on how to hide yourself online or at least hide the really important details.

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Main Image Credit : The awesome piece of artwork used to head this article is called 'Tinderbell' and it was created by graphic designer Pamela Gisela.