So You Wanna Be A Hacker?

This is a very basic article written especially for those of you who want to get started in hacking. If you are an elite hacker, be a pal by sending me your suggestions so I can update my article.

So You Wanna Be A Hacker?

This is a very basic article written especially for those of you who want to get started in hacking, but don't know how to start. This article could be useful to beginners as well who have already started their path but got lost along the way, or those who are in dilemma where they are making mistakes. If you are an elite hacker, please do help by making suggestions on this article. I would like to thank all the readers in advance. You guys are awesome.

What Is A Hacker?
A hacker is technically a guy who have capability to understand the workflow of the system and analyse it to break. Some people might have a different opinion on this term. On other hand, a hacker is someone who knows how things are built and have a clear concept on how to break them.

What Does It Take To Be A Hacker?
In my opinion, all you need is an inspiration and consistency to learn to be a hacker. If you have hunger for seeking knowledge on how things on the Internet work, there is a solid chance that you already have a hacker's mindset. Let us never forget that every hacker is a learner and a good hacker learns everyday. No one is a born hacker or gifted as being a hacker, it is an acquired skill and a set of habits, a mindset and a desire to become a great one.

Can I Become A Hacker?
If you have come this far then yes, yes you can be a hacker and you already are on the right path to becoming one, you are reading this article aren't you? With the right attitude and a strong hunger for knowledge you can become a hacker. The best thing to do is dive right in at the deepend and find some CTF boxes you can pop, fight your way through what you do not know until you do.

How to get started to hacking?
When someone asks me how to get started, I always suggest one thing: If you want to be a good breaker, learn to make it. When one knows how the web works and how to build it, there is high probability of him understanding the weak point to break it easily.

Below is the list of items I believe one should learn before jumping into hacking. This is not in sequence or mandatory, but could work as a guideline to follow the right track.

  1. Learn how the a website is developed. So, learning web development would really help you understand the building process of web and weak points.
  2. Learn about different protocols and how clients interact with the server using those different protocols.
  3. Have a mindset of never ending learning.
  4. Read a lot. Make a habit of reading every day.
  5. Learn to ask questions. Everyone in this community needs to help each other learn and grow. So, never feel ashamed to ask questions.
  6. Learn to use the search engines efficiently.
    #HINT: Study about google dorks ;)
  7. Never stop learning and be curious everytime
  8. After you follow the guidelines above, search on the topic of the OWASP TOP 10 and read about vulnerabilities.
    9.Install DVWA or BWAPP in your localhost and start practicing the owasp top 10.

You could even make your own guideline to follow based on mine and hopefully this guideline could turn into the day you became a hacker.

If you decide to be one and start learning hard, you are already a hacker.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and learned something. I am also hoping this article helped you kickstart your hacking career. If you ever come across anything that might become a hurdle in your career, you could always contact me on Twitter. If I know, I would love to help you out and for "FREE" ;)

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