Welcome to the Secjuice Hall Of Fame, a place where we immortalize legendary Secjuice members, the precious few who volunteer tirelessly for the group, those who have won writers awards and those who complete one of our challenges.

It is not easy to get into our hall of fame, we only include those who have won a top ten position in our annual writer rankings, who have completed our very own infosec writers challenge, or who have contributed to our group in some way. What follows is a list of mentors, volunteers, champions, award winners, our wittiest writers, our brightest sparks, our sharpest minds and our most talented hackers.

Be sure to look them up on social media, they are well worth following!

Legendary Volunteers

The following members have gone above and beyond the call of duty when volunteering for the Secjuice community and helping other members.

Miguel Calles - Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Paul Dannewitz - Follow him on Twitter.
Alessandro Innocenzi - Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Writers Challenge Champions

The following champions have completed the 'Triple Ten' Writers Challenge and have been awarded a Secjuice Challenge Coin in recognition of their achievement.

Guise Bule - Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Stuart Peck - Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Jamie Collier - Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Gus Ralph - Follow him on Twitter and HackMD.
Muhammad Luqman - Follow him on Twitter.

Secjuice Big Guns

The following members are currently the top ten writers at Secjuice, ranked in our annual writer/article count, based on the number of their article reads in 2019.

If you want to see live writers rankings click here.

If you want to see live article rankings click here.

#1 Guise Bule - @guisebule with 64,318 reads.
#2 Andrea Menin - @AndreaTheMiddle with 40,222 reads.
#3 Paul Dannewitz - @padannewitz with 38,423 reads.
#4 Shivam Singh Sengar - @shisen_404 with 20,508 reads.
#5 Minatow - @MinatoTW_ with 13,973 reads.
#6 Nihad Hassan - @DarknessGate with 12,175 reads.
#7 Roy Shoemake - @royshoemake with 11,779 reads.
#8 Secprentice - @secprentice with 11, 411 reads.
#9 Rohan Chavan - @rohanchavan1918 with 10,530 reads.
#10 Thunderson - @7hunderSon with 7,044 reads.

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